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Pictures with personality

London candid wedding photography. Contemporary images that catch the real joy, the fun, the antics, the impulsive, the expressions, all the unplanned shenanigans that are going on around you. You’ll still have the swanky mantlepiece photos – but so much more!

mortified groom hides behind his napkin during his best man speech as his parents look on
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Choose your best man wisely!


This is the one morning where you’re going to wake up with your nerves shredded, drink bubbles for breakfast and a couple of hours later be transformed into a pair of Bobbydazzlers. Candid wedding photography  allows your day to flow and gives me permission to run around and capture the genuine moments. It’s a zipwire of a day, a constant stream of huge emotions, candid little moments and narratives involving your family, your friends, your relationships, the very fabric of you. Cheese is for cheesecake, no awkward posing or military drill, I just want you to be you on your day.

You don’t do awkward posing so neither do I !

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I Bet That You...


Look good on the dancefloor

If you can laugh, cry, throw shapes and plan on making no apology to your sober selves in the morning ….then you’re definitely my kind of couple!

Hi I’m Lou. I do fun and relaxed candid wedding photography. I could wax lyrical about my style and use words such as non-traditional, alternative, documentary and reportage - but essentially I call it the leaving you alone approach. I’m more concerned with capturing your personality and those huge wedding day emotional interactions than your ‘camera face’ face…all whilst very much under your radar!

Photographs are lifes  ‘heirlooms’.  You, your family, friends and those that you’ve gathered around you on your wedding day are priceless. Overtime the value of these photographs will increase as circumstances change and time passes. The people you love, their personalities, antics, dress sense, dance moves and drinking prowess are all that matter. That is why you want to spend the day with them and not with me!

Shrinking Violet ……but no wallflower!

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