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Candid wedding photography. Contemporary images that catch the real joy, the fun, the antics, the impulsive, the expressions, all the unplanned shenanigans that are going on around you. You’ll still have the swanky mantlepiece photos - but so much more!

mortified groom hides behind his napkin during his best man speech as his parents look on
islington town hall same sex wedding



You Don’t do awkward posing…So neither do I!





Genuine all their unapologetic glory!

This is the one morning where you’re going to wake up with your nerves shredded, drink bubbles for breakfast and a couple of hours later be transformed into a pair of BobbyDazzlers.It’s a zipwire of a day, a constant stream of huge emotions, candid little moments and narratives involving your family, your friends, your relationships, the very fabric of you. Cheese is for cheesecake, no face-ache photographs. I just want you to be you on your day.



Latest Work 

A joy filled British-Kenyan wedding at Goodenough College

A joy filled British-Kenyan wedding at Goodenough College

Rachel and Freds wedding at Goodenough College was a joyful celebration in the middle of London's fashionable Bloomsbury. Normally based in Nairobi, the couple were returning to London to get married and I was really looking forward to a day of colour, culture and a...

Shrinking Violet …. but no wallflower!

I’m Irish (fierce witty) left handed (fierce messy) self-depreciating (I’m going to have to delete the witty bit) A little shy to begin with, prone to mischief and happiest when behind a camera. I love nothing more than a room full of good humour and laughter and have enough life experience to realise that white wine makes most things better. Red wine definitely doesn’t….My approach to wedding photography mirrors my relationship with my own family and childhood pictures. They’re lifes ‘heirlooms’. The family and friends that you’ve gathered around you on your wedding day are priceless. Overtime the value of these photographs will increase as circumstances change and time passes. The people you love, their PERSONALITIES, antics, dress sence, DANCE MOVES and drinking prowess ARE ALL THAT MATTER. So if you’ve got a sensitive soul, can laugh, cry, throw shapes and plan on making no apology to your sober selves in the morning then you’re definitely my kind of couple and I’d love to shoot your wedding!

Louise xo