same sex wedding couple wander through Islington streets London.

A stylish Same-sex Islington Wedding

Jun 20, 2020 | Weddings

Rhi & Rossi | Same-Sex Islington Town Hall Wedding

For me, there’s something extra special about a same-sex wedding. There’s always a back story, an initial hint of shyness and then that off the scale emotional outpouring that follows signing your civil partnership into law.With Rhi and Rossi there was also the added grandeur of the Islington Town Hall, it’s listed building architecture, the proximity of Upper street and a jet - lagged Dad turning up unannounced a couple of days before your wedding with a packet of Tim-Tams.  

Rhi mer Rossi at a dinner party in London and as she said herself - it felt like the universe was throwing her a huge curved ball. She’d not long landed in the U.K. from Australia and was intent on finishing her Intensive Care medical training and hitting every surf beach in Europe. Being completely bowled over and finding “wife material” had not been part of the grand plan! By the time their wedding in Islington’s town hall had come about Rossi was turning her own world upside down and making plans to up sticks and head to Sydney.

As such, their wedding was also a farewell party and their wish to have some informal portraits through the streets of Angel  and their favourite cocktail bar would act as a reminder of their old stomping ground when back in Australia. Here’s a few of my favourites and a couple of lines from Rhi’s genius wedding speech. 

” You deal in stories, pursue and collect them, I deal in bodies, examine, correct them. I am pragmatic, you make things pretty, I do broad brush strokes, you do nitty-gritty. I know how to talk, you know how to feel. I play by the book, you blag a deal…” 

Islington London same sex wedding

same sex wedding Islington town hall make-up preparation

Islington town hall same-sex London wedding flower detail

same sex wedding Islington bridal dress detail

same sex wedding Islington bridal portrait



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