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The Shrinking violet!

Hi I’m Lou, or Louise, if I’m in trouble. I do fun and relaxed candid wedding photography. My aim is to give you documentary style candid photos of real moments and natural, informal portraits of the two of you together. Though mostly based in North London I love nothing more than a road trip. Cityscapes, landscapes, streetscapes.. after 2020 I’ll go to the opening of an envelope if you’ll have me!

I’m Irish (fierce witty) left handed (fierce messy) self-depreciating (I’m going to have to delete the witty bit) A little shy to begin with, prone to mischief and happiest when behind a camera.

I love nothing more than a room full of good humour and laughter and have enough life experience to realise that white wine makes most things better. Red wine definitely doesn’t…

Fairy lights, Flamenco. Flamingo’s. Chardonnay, cherry blossom trees, free wheeling down a mountain, wide open skies, passport stamps and Irish winter beaches put me in a very happy place. Shopfloor mannequins freak me out.

I have a lifelong obsession with Stevie Nicks. I am mesmerised by Drag Queens. I can not walk in high heels…a spectacle that didn’t go unnoticed by Drag Queens. I swear eloguently…especially at pigeons.


portrait of photographer Shrinking Violet Photography against a multi coloured wall

Drag Queens & Diva’s

Passport Stamps

My Pooch Ziggy..

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