A New Years Eve Carton House Wedding.

Aug 10, 2019 | Weddings

Karen & Maurice | Carton House Wedding

A Carton House wedding is a guarantee for glitz and glamour at the best of times but when you add in the magic of a New Years Eve celebration you really are all dressed up with somewhere to go. Karen and her ‘wing - woman’ four year old daughter Clodagh, who developed a love - hate relationship with hair curlers and hairspray on the day, got ready in the old building of Carton House and then had the cutest ‘first - reveal’ with Dad and Husband-to-be, Maurice.

Winter weddings provide a narrow window for couple and family portraits so choosing to have a first reveal not only results in gorgeous intimate moments but takes the pressure off trying to organise group shots in fading light. It also keeps you with your guests while the fizz is being shared. With this in mind Karen and Maurice pulled on the welly boots, jumped into golf buggies and headed down to the off-limits and very beautiful Shell Cottage…whilst I said Novenas for Karen’s dress. Normally behind lock and key this unique spot was once visited by Queen Victoria and was home to the singer Marianne Faithful in the 90’s. The room for which it is named, was decorated in the 1700’s with mother of pearl and shells from across the world and the resulting portraits were a personal highlight to this Carton house wedding.

Following this the miraculously immaculate pair headed back to the house, got married, partied hard, welcomed in the new year… and set off the smoke alarms with a few too many smoke - grenades! Thank-you Karen, Maurice and Clodagh, your Carton House wedding will always be one of my all time favourite weddings.

Shell House cottage newly married couple portraits after Carton House wedding



Carton House wedding couple and guests run with coloured flares

Carton House wedding couple kiss during their first dance




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