How I work?

You’ve just got married, there’s tears, laughter, the kids are manic, there’s more than one social hand grenade at the party and your Best (wo)man is lucky to be alive. The last thing I want to do at this point is line you all up for a photoshoot and lose the momentum. So I just let you get on with it. I move around a lot, I give you space. I ask you to look at each other and not the camera and I try and keep the formal photographs, to as short a period of time as possible and have fun whilst doing them. Everybody is a little awkward and self conscious to begin with, but a relaxed and natural approach, produces genuine moments rather than the stiff, formal and overstaged. Or you can choose to keep a completely candid approach and have no formal portraits at all. It’s your day so do it your way!


How do we secure the date?

candid islington wedding shoe detail image 

Drop me an email or fill out the ‘contact me’ form here. I will ask you to read through my contract and if you agree with the terms and I am available then we’re good to go. I ask for a 25% deposit of your chosen package and for it to be paid at the time of you signing and returning the contract. The rest of the payment is due 28 days before your wedding day. 

Are you insured?

OMG Yes! I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. I also carry plasters and corkscrews for other mini emergencies..

Can we meet before booking?

If you live in the London area, then definitely. We can meet for a coffee or be reckless and go for a pint. If you are further afield we can chat. Please don’t put me or you through the mortification of FaceTime or Zoom…I get very distracted by my facial gurnings! Either way, it’s really important that we get to know each other a little, that you leave feeling you would be comfortable in my company throughout such a momentous day and that I’m committed to producing a beautiful set of images after the confetti has settled.

Do you provide wedding albums?

Yes I do. I am not however all about the ‘hard sell’…but ‘that’s a lovely ‘online gallery’ said no new Mother in Law ever. So even if it’s only on the side of a set of coffee mugs you’ll have much more fun with your images once they’re off the computer!

Do you require a meal on the day?

It would be much appreciated. Food equals fuel and the more energy I have the longer I last into the dance offs.

candid moment of best man drinking champagne from the bottle in bright sunshine
Offley Place Hitchin confetti shower
What happens if you are ill on the day?

Well isn’t that just the million dollar question after all we’ve been through!I am a Nurse, I have survived Covid 19, I have superpowers but Social Media is bullet proof.  If for some unforeseen circumstances I’m struck down or incapacitated, I am part of a network of wedding photographers who can cover your day last minute. This however has never happened and I would do everything possible to ensure you have a replacement photographer.

What equipment do you use?

I have three Nikon/Sony camera bodies and a full array of lenses. The first wedding I did I came armed with step ladders and studio lighting…I’ve calmed down a bit since then.

Do you cover destination weddings?

Most definitely Yes. My prices for destinations are the same as those quoted for UK weddings, plus added travel and accommodation costs.

So you do NHS discount?

Yes I certainly do. Just keeping it in the family - head over here for all the relevant information.

What’s with the name?

It’s an ode to my Mam- possibly the worst photographer ever. Heads chopped off, blow torch flash, half bodies and fingers in front of the lens - but her documentation of our childhood,  started a fascination with me for photography and the permanence of what would otherwise be forgotten…or should be forgotten! I’m no (insert effing and jeffing expletive) Shrinking Violet. Sometimes even the most ladylike of mothers crack and the name stuck. She’s missed everyday.