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Whats the story?

MY APPROACH? I would consider myself an extroverted introvert with my fair share of social awkwardness…this works in your favour! I like being around people but I don’t always have to talk and I’m definitely not a shouty photographer. A lot of the time I’m preoccupied with and looking over your shoulder for a parallel line, shade or shard of light. I also love architecture, landscapes, moody weather and want to incorporate your chosen venue into your images so sometimes I’m just too far away to worry about.

HOW I WORK? You’ve just got married, there’s tears, laughter, the kids are manic, there’s more than one social hand grenade at the party and your Best (wo)man is lucky to be alive. The last thing I want to do at this point is line you all up for a photoshoot and lose the momentum. So I just let you get on with it. I move around a lot, I give you space. I ask you to look at each other and not the camera and I try and keep the formal photographs to as short a period of time as possible and have fun whilst doing them.

CAMERA SHY? That’s Good! I’m not a fashion photographer and I’m not going to treat your wedding as a photoshoot. I want you to look at your photo’s and be reminded of what an amazing day you had and not how awkward I made you feel. Everyone feels a little self conscious to begin with - as do I - ‘thirdwheeling’! but a relaxed approach, produces genuine moments rather than the stiff, formal and overstaged. From experience everybody is incredibly photogenic when ‘suited and booted’ but if you are committedly allergic to the camera, skip the formal portraits altogether. It’s your day, don’t dread certain aspects of it.

How do we secure the date?

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Drop me an email or fill out the ‘contact me’ form here. I will ask you to read through my contract and if you agree with the terms and I am available then we’re good to go. I ask for a 25% deposit of your chosen package and for it to be paid at the time of contract signing. The rest of the payment is due 14 days before your wedding day.

Are you insured?

Sweet Baby Jesus Yes! I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. I also carry plasters and corkscrews for other mini emergencies..

Can we meet before booking?

If you live in the London area, then definitely. We can meet for a coffee or be reckless and go for a pint. If you are further afield we can chat. Just to give you the heads up.. I find zoom calls mortifying as I get very distracted by my facial gurnings! Either way, it’s really important that we get to know each other a little and that you leave feeling you would be comfortable in my company throughout such a momentous day. 

Do you provide wedding albums?

Yes I do. I am not however all about the ‘hard sell’…but ‘that’s a lovely ‘online gallery’ said no new Mother in Law ever. When you receive your online gallery you will also have access to free software that allows you to layout an album design with limitless adjustments until it goes to proof. I use  a company called  ‘Folio Albums’ who are based in the U.K. so you do not incur any Brexit related VAT or customs /delivery brokerage fees on your product.

Do you require a meal on the day?

 Food equals fuel and the more energy I have the longer I last into the dance offs. It would be much appreciated but it doesn’t need to be wedding breakfast equivalant and I certainly don’t want to inflict angst amongst your guests by sitting at a table with them. I’m happy to sit behind the scenes and take a breather. I’m also not the type of photographer who takes photos of you whilst you’re eating however I am hovering in case the drinking games start early.

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What happens if you are ill on the day?

Well isn’t that just the million dollar question after all we’ve been through. I am a Nurse, I have superpowers but Social Media is bullet proof.  If for some unforeseen circumstances I’m struck down or incapacitated, I am part of a network of wedding photographers who can cover your day last minute. This however has never happened and I would do everything possible to ensure you have a replacement photographer. 

What equipment do you use?

I have three Nikon/Sony camera bodies and a full array of lenses and flashguns. The first wedding I did I came armed with step ladders and studio lighting…I’ve calmed down a bit since then.

Do you cover destination weddings?

Most definitely Yes. My prices for destinations are the same as those quoted for UK weddings, plus added travel and accommodation costs. There are however Covid related travel restrictions/PCR/isolation periods to consider which will invariably add to costs for a little while yet.

So you do NHS discount?

Yes I certainly do. I might be a little bit biased but I do feel you deserve a little bit more than a clap and a slap and a badge for your lapel. Head over here for all the relevant information….just keeping it in the family.

What’s with the name?

It’s an ode to my Mam, who was possibly the worst photographer ever. Heads chopped off, blow torch flash, half bodies and fingers in front of the lens - but those heirlooms started a fascination with me for photography and the permanence of what would otherwise be forgotten…or should be forgotten! Sometimes even the most angelic of Mam’s crack and “I’m no (insert effing expletive) Shrinking Violet” - coined a website. Missed everyday x.

Should I have a second Photographer ?

Carton House wedding couple kiss during their first dance

I normally work alone but if you’re having a bigger wedding (100+guests) then a second set of eyes has it’s advantages. As well as providing lots of extra candids of your guests and different angles of your ceremony, a second photographer will ensure that both of you have pre-wedding preparations covered if you’re getting ready in separate venues. ‘Second shooters’ are professional photographers in their own right and where available I will use collegues that I have worked with before and who have a similiar candid approach to weddings. The cost for a second photographer at your wedding is £300. 

How many images will we receive?

All of them! I don’t hold back or delete images because I’ve reached a quota. If they’re in focus, non blinking and non-repetitive then they’re in your gallery. On average it’s anywhere from 500-700 images. Deleting photographs for the sake of it is sacrilegious to me.

When will our photographs be ready?

As quickly as possible. My aim is to have your gallery online within 4 weeks. Photographs do not come out of the camera ready to go. I shoot in ‘Raw’ format. ie. digital negatives. Bigger, chunkier, ‘flat’ files that are very forgiving but look nothing like the finished product.  Each image is edited, corrected for exposure, saturated, sharpened,  a profile applied in ‘Lightroom’ then converted to JPegs, resized (so I don’t rob your computer of all its memory space) and uploaded to your gallery. Apart from sounding like a complete anorak you get the gist! iPhone pics they are not! In quiter months this process happens quicker with less weddings before yours so the four week wait is a worst case scenario. They’ll be so worth the wait.

What if I hate having my photo taken!!!?

My job is to settle your nerves and to reassure you that I am not about to ask you do anything that makes you feel mortified. I offer a little direction but I generally don’t need to do much more than that. Given that you have literally just got married and have a little time to yourselves, it doesn’t take long for you to be susceptible to some spontaneous amorousness….and that’s quite lovely to capture! 

Will you shoot family / group photos ?

If having traditional, formal photographs of all the different groups of guests at your wedding is a priority for you, then I’m probably not the best photography ‘fit’. That said, every wedding I have ever shot, families and wedding parties have always been on a short list. Group photographs are important but not so important that your best man is pulling his hair out trying to round everybody up . The alternative is watching your guests having way too much fun without you and you should really be in the thick of it!

candid moment of best man drinking champagne from the bottle in bright sunshine
young bored children refusing to look at the camera during wedding formal portraits
Let's talk about Covid?

Covid. The ultimate C word. I’ve experienced the frustration and the heartbreak on a personal level - working in ITU through the pandemic and its multiple waves . Then with couples. Cancellations, micro weddings, no weddings and the goalposts continously shifting. I take the risks very seriously and I keep safe to ensure you have a fit for purpose photographer on your day. I’m fully vaccinated and I take lateral flow tests before I attend your wedding. I also liase with your venue and submit covid risk assessment paperwork as required.

Are you a Photoshop airbrush genius?

STOP IT ALREADY! If you break out in hives because you’ve eaten too many gooseberries, get ravaged by mozzies or develop an acute, not so cute, dose of chicken pox…then I got your back. Blemishes and spots are easily zapped away but anything more ‘cosmetic’ will provoke the ‘love the skin, you’re in’ mantra!

Do you need any information about our wedding in advance?

Yes. I’ll send you a digital questionnaire that will include things like; timelines, who’s who, names, a list of your groupshots and any sensitivities I should be aware of. 

Do you leave after the first dance?

What would I do a stupid thing like that for!?? That’s when the fun really starts!

WHERE TO next?