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A fun wedding at Glenmore House in Surbiton Surrey

Jun 23, 2020 | Weddings

Shanay & Ryan | Glenmore House

Shanay and Ryan’s wedding at Glenmore House in Surrey was a fun filled, high spirited, dance fuelled, Caribbean / Cockney knees - up that just got more boisterous as the hours passed…so I stayed late!

I met Shanay for a pint a couple of days before her Glenmore House wedding so we could both break through the ‘stranger-danger’ nerves and I came away thinking Was about to shoot a good friends wedding. She made no secret of the fact that both she and Ryan were allergic to having their photographs taken and Malachai their little four year old was equally as camera shy. Shanay wanted mr to mingle and avoid anything too organised with little in the way of group shots or getting ready pictures -essentially candid wedding photography.

On the day my camera certainly loved her little man but I had to pull Ryan out of a store cupboard where he and his best man were trying to put their glad rags on in the darkness! A quick service, a sneaky portrait by some stained glass windows and then it was off to the bar area where this gathering of families and friends really started to warm up. Glenmore House boasts  Ballroom and a ‘sprung dance floor’ and this is one wedding party that definitely didn’t need any extra bounce!

I’m going to steal a line that sums this night up ” If this song is not played at your wedding, y’all ain’t really married” Candy by Cameo! It got played twice and I could watch it a million times. Shanay and Ryan a wedding day like yours makes my working day feel like a seven day weekend. Thankyou xx



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