Kilshane House Tipperary wedding couple portrait

Kilshane House Wedding

Apr 8, 2021 | Weddings

Deirdre & Karl | Kilshane House

Little did I know when I put my kit away at the end of this brilliant Kilshane house wedding in Tipperary that I wouldn’t do another for the next sixteen months, thanks to a certain ‘C’ word, that shall not be named. If we’d known just what the following year had in store for us all,  especially the large gathering of Nurses in the crowd we wouldn’t have wasted party time on sleep. I had previously worked with Dee in a London hospital and I’d secretly always hoped that she’d ask me to do her wedding photography. She’s a stunner, both inside and out, a really endearing giggler and I knew, having seen her in action that she was also a whirling dervish on the dance floor!

I spent the morning going from room to room, watching the girls progress through the various stages of dazzlement and the lads literally tying themselves up in tie knots; and then at the last minute we sourced the business pages and one of my all time favourite husband to be photographs was shot….it’s always the quiet ones! I’d fallen in love with the venue before I’d stepped into it and I just knew that in February an Irish wedding was not going to be saved by the influence of the Child of Prague. There’s an abundance of beautiful backdrops for portraits with a Kilshane House wedding so we planned a ‘first look’ on the staircase before the wedding ceremony and then we dodged the rain and headed to Bansha church.

Speeches were held in the Conservatory, where Dee gave Karl an awful ribbing (actually so did his Father, his Father in Law and his brother, the Best Man!)  and a pair of Welly boots so he was properly attired and prepared for his next trip up to the country …his first visit was still a huge source of merriment -‘ Culchies’ are fierce hard on city slickers! Then it was off to the afters. Dee and Karl what an amazing wedding, thank-you both so much for having me, a special shout out to The Trips for the tunes and to every nurse on that dance floor…we’re almost out the other side, go and dig out your drinking boots, you absolute legends. 










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