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NHS staff. I know how hard you’ve worked. Iknow what the dread felt like, the exhaustion, the saddness. I know that doffing a 3M PPE mask after a couple of hours feels even better than whipping your wonderbras off after a 12 hour shift. I want to party with people who have experienced this parallel universe.  It would be an honour to capture your wedding day.

Louise xox

Garden Gate Hampstead evening wedding reception

I’m an ITU Nurse working in London. I know the sh*t storm you’ve been through and I know how bloody hard you’ve worked. So for the years 2020, 2021, 2022  I will shoot your wedding within this time-frame, for £999/€1150. That equates to a 25% NHS Discount. (Travel expenses and overnight accommodation outside of London or Dublin - if incurred are not included, however I’m not a 5 star kind of girl so I always aim to keep my costs reasonable )

If  you are a member of the Emergency services or have played a vital role throughout the pandemic response - get in touch for added discount.


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