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NHS discount…Aren’t you just jumping on the bandwagon?! No! I’m an ITU nurse working in London and I’m so ‘over it’. I know the sh*tstorm you’ve been through and I know how bloody hard you’ve worked and continue to do so. I know what the dread feels like, the exhaustion, the saddness. Like you, I’m peeved off with the recurring waves, tired of the accolades  and lip service and want to give a double gloved single finger salute to….well, let’s be diplomatic and not talk about floppy mopped politicians! So instead, I want to bin the PPE and celebrate with people who have experienced this parallel universe. I can’t give you what you really deserve but I can capture your wedding day with a 25% NHS discount.

This offer is applicable within the years 2021 and 2022 and applies to my ‘full day wedding package’. Within this time I will shoot a nine hour wedding for £999. After this time period NHS staff will forever be entitled to a 10% discount.  So get in touch and get thee wed because there’s a lot of bubbles could be bought with that extra four hundred quid saving ! (Travel expenses and overnight accommodation outside of London - if incurred are not included, however I’m not a 5 star kind of girl so I always aim to keep my costs fair and reasonable) Speaking of hotels, if you haven’t already then sign up with these guys at  Nights on Us. There’s a hotel giveaway every month and it’s open to the entire NHS to enter.  


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Just Keeping it in the Family 

If you are a Blue Light card holder or have played a vital role throughout the pandemic response - get in touch for added discount.

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