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NHS wedding photography

Just Keeping it in the Family

Why offer an NHS discount? Solidarity! I’m an ITU nurse working in London. I know the sh*tstorm you’ve been through, I know what the dread felt like, the exhaustion, the parallel universe and I know how bloody hard you’ve worked and continue to do so. I can’t give you what you really deserve but I can capture your wedding day with a fitting discount. As I said; just keeping it in the family.

This offer is applicable within the years 2021 and 2022 and applies to my ‘full day wedding package’. (Travel expenses and overnight accommodation outside of London - if incurred are not included) Speaking of hotels, if you haven’t already then sign up with these guys at  Nights on Us. There’s a hotel giveaway every month and it’s open to the entire NHS to enter.  

If you are a Blue Light card holder, a keyworker or have played a vital role throughout the pandemic response - I’d love to hear from you.

Louise xox

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NHS Wedding discount

For further information and pricing just drop me a line and don’t forget to mention that you are an NHS worker with your enquiry.

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