After-party at Kilshane House wedding


“We want none of that wedding B*llix” said my most favourite wedding enquiry ever…and we booked each other immediately!

This  gallery includes some of my most loved candid wedding photography and goes a little way to show what I, as a wedding photographer seek out on your day. Honest, spontaneous, energetic, un-wedding like (how rude!) are some of the ways that my photographs have been described. They may be a little unconventional  but they’re very much about being human. I absolutely will focus on the romance and all the components that you have planned to make your day beautiful and special. You are after all, having the biggest day of your life so if ever there was a day to put your best, polished foot forward it’s on your wedding day. However I really want to showcase your personalities as well.

Social media, selfies and filters have us all preoccupied with the perfect version of ourselves. But you literally see another side of yourself when you are neither aware of or expecting to be photographed and those unforced images are the ones that you will love the most. Candid wedding photography is everything except portraits and poses. You don’t have to be a particular personality type for it to work and the resulting images will reflect you as a couple and your loved ones regardless of how reserved or raucous you are. I also like people ( weird choice of career, if I didn’t!), but I absolutely love people watching. I generally throw myself into the middle of your guests and I take a lot of candids. If there’s anything that the universe and the life lessons of 2020 has reconfirmed for me it’s that people are precious. As my Gran used to say “There’s no pockets in a shroud”. Live your best life! If you want to spontaneously jump in the bath with all your groomsmen for posperity or wear a Barbie doll on your lapel then do it. Equally if you hate being the centre of attention on your wedding day and you just want to blend in with the rest of your guests then I can cater for that to. I am there for the day and I don’t have a timeline or a rulebook. So back to the wedding b*llix. If you haven’t decided on your wedding attire yet then here are a few ideas. You are welcome!

SO what does candid wedding photography  LOOK LIKE?!

My approach to wedding photography

I would consider myself an extroverted introvert with my fair share of social awkwardness….this works in your favour! I like being around people but I don’t always have to talk and I’m definitely not a shouty photographer.

A lot of the time I’m preoccupied with and looking over your shoulder for a parallel line, shade or shard of light. I also love architecture, landscapes, moody weather and want to incorporate your chosen venue into your images so sometimes I’m just too far away to worry about.

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Hampstead Pergola Couple Shoot

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Kilshane House Wedding
Kilshane House Wedding

Deirdre & Karl | Kilshane House Little did I know when I put my kit away at the end of this brilliant Kilshane house wedding in Tipperary that I wouldn't do another for the next sixteen months, thanks to a certain 'C' word, that shall not be named. If we'd known...

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