real moments


 Candid wedding photography allows your day to flow and gives me permission to run around and capture the genuine moments – in all their unapologetic glory! This is the one morning where you’re going to wake up with your nerves shredded, drink bubbles for breakfast and a couple of hours later be transformed into a pair of BobbyDazzlers.

  • Bride swirling ivory wedding dress against a black background
  • Bride and Groom stand in empty church with marble angels and stained glass windows
  • horrified bride with empty bottle of champagne on New Zealand wedding morning
  • Newly married couple exit under a confetti shower in Old Windsor
  • bride puts on gold stiletto heels whilst sitting on yellow chair
  • boho bride and groom kiss outside a blue door in south london
  • emotional bride meets groom at the alter
  • close up of brides eye in mirror during make up preparation on wedding morning
  • Best man drops his trousers to reveal pink boxer shorts with laughing groom whilst carrying bride
  • bride holds pink wedding bouquet of peonies
  • newly married suffolk couple covered in colourful confetti
  • Bridal party portraits with leather seats and chandeliers in a whiskey bar
  • same sex couple kiss on their wedding day at Islington town hall
  • candid laughter and misbehaving at Irish wedding
  • playful bride on vintage car bonnet wearing red shoes
  • newly married same sex female couple hold hands and laugh together in marbled foyer of Islington town hall
  • newly married couple holding hands stand outside Irish public house with wedding car
  • newly married Irish couple pose for portraits against a pink wall mural
  • little flower girls holding hands on wedding morning
  • newly married couple holding daughter with tear on her cheek whilst looking at bouquet of white flowers
  • laughing wedding guests dance on top of chairs in a London pub at wedding party
  • groom and best friends impersonate Austin Powers Mini me during wedding portraits
  • Groom with his favourite sports car and new Bride at North London
  • female LGBTQ couple standing in front of Georgian building with red door in Islington North London
  • portrait of Bride with enormous glass of beer on dance floor
  • children at a wedding playing precariously with croquet mallet and set
  • dancing guests at London wedding party
  • mixed race newly married couple pose in front of London Houses of Parliament
  • Black and white picture of laughing father throws giggling son into the air on his wedding day
  • Caribbean newly married couple dance on wedding night
  • yellow roses and champagne glasses on Irish wedding morning
  • bride in shard of light against a blue wall
  • Grandfather and granddaughter make funny faces at each other during a wedding party
  • guest at marquee wedding drinking tequila shot whilst smiling boyfriend watches
  • laughing bridal party walking to church standing in front of red brick wall and garage door
  • female newly married same sex couple gaze at each other with blue door backdrop in Islington
  • colourful bouquet of orange and pink flowers
  • Irish revellers drinking pints of Guinness at wedding reception
  • Groom and Best man standing in the shadows by green stained glass window in Barnet church
  • Bride and groom lean against pillars and laugh at each other during portraits
  • Guests laugh and heckle the grooms speech at an Islington wedding breakfast
  • colourful Bridal party strike a pose in bright summer Suffolk sunshine
  • same sex couple on Blackpool Pier on a sunny day.
  • newly married New Zealand couple stand beside a vintage Holden wedding car
  • humorous candid moment of groom and groomsmen in bath on wedding morning
  • Bride wearing red boxing gloves jumps around in a blue bouncy castle with bridesmaids
  • Groom holding Pimm's cup with detail of wedding suit and orange rose in button hole
  • Bridal party in Yorkshire walking past bus stop to Church on wedding morning
  • newly married couple embrace on New Zealand beach

How I work

You’ve just got married, there’s tears, laughter, the kids are manic there’s more than one social hand grenade at the party and your Best (wo)man is lucky to be alive. The last thing I want to do at this point is line you all up and inflict the word ‘cheese’. So I just let you get on with it. I move around a lot, I give you space, I ask you to look at each other and not the camera and I try and keep the formal photographs to as short a period of time as possible  and have fun whilst doing them. Everybody is a little awkward and self conscious to begin with but a relaxed and natural approach produces genuine moments rather than the stiff, formal and overly staged. 


It’s not all about about the boisterous and the belly laughs either so I want you to feel at ease  with me through the quiet moments too. I would consider myself  an extroverted introvert with my fair share of social awkwardness…this works in your favour!

I like being around people but I don’t always have to talk and I’m definitely not a shouty photographer. A lot of the time i’m preoccupied  with and looking over your shoulder for a parallel line, shade or shard of light. I also love architecture, landscapes, moody weather and want to incorporate your chosen venue into your images so sometimes I’m just too far away to worry about.